Drive-in Movie Night

Drive-in Movie Night
That's right, Patchogue's Drive-in movie theater is here! On Friday, June 5th &  Saturday, June 6th, the Patchogue Young Professionals and Plaza MAC will be hosting a drive-in movie weekend behind the Patchogue Theater of the Performing Arts to benefit the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce! Grab your tickets for our 8:30 PM showing of Space Jam, or our late night special of Goonies at 10:45 PM! Tickets are $35 per carload. We encourage everyone to bring their own takeout from one of your favorite local restaurants! The lineup will begin on Oak street a half hour before your showing.
Audio will be streamed to your car through an FM radio station. Please be aware of how to shut your headlights off ahead of time. Idling is permitted, but we ask everyone to do their best to keep it to a minimum. If you will be idling please make sure you have a full tank of gas. Porta Potty's will be on site.  The rain date will be on June 7th. NO REFUNDS.

We are very excited, and looking forward to this opportunity to help support The Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce during this time. For any questions, email, or contact Stephen King at (631)-624-1159.

Please be aware the website is being flooded with people wanting to sign up. If you get and error it’s only because someone else is trying the same time as you. What a 1 min then try again. 

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Thank you for signing up!

Thank you for joying out first Patchogue Drive in Night.

To ensure this event is as enjoyable as possible for all of those attending, below are some guidelines put in place by the entities that oversee this event, to make sure this is a great, safe enjoyable event for all of us.
- We encourage those attending to bring their own take out from a local restaurant. Every car will be handed a garbage bag on entry for them to dispose of their garbage in. We ask all those attending to dispose of that garbage bag at home. 
- Sound will be streamed through FM radio. The station will be provided at the event.
- To abide by social distancing guidelines, and to keep the event as safe and clean as possible, no lawn chairs or tailgating will be permitted.
- All cars must park forward-facing
- To protect smaller cars from obstructed view, larger trucks, SUV's and Vans will be directed towards the back rows.
- Porta - Potty's will be on site.
- We ask everyone to remain in their cars, unless for a bathroom break or in need of assistance. 
- Lineup for the parking lot will begin 30 minutes before your movie time on Oak street. 
- Please be aware of how to shut off your headlights ahead of time. No headlights are permitted to be on. 
- We ask that idling be kept to a minimum. We understand that minimal idle may be needed to prevent total battery drainage on some vehicles. Please be mindful of others. 
- We want this event to be as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone. Please do your best to show up on time, and have your proof of registration ready. Loading in the parking lot can be a 15-20 minute process. Unloading the parking lot is a quicker 5-minute process. 
- Enjoy and have fun!
For any questions, please feel free to email or text or call Stephen King at (631)-624-1159
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